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Club Hollywoof “Amazon Assorted Doggie Gift Boxes”

Club Hollywoof  ”Assorted Doggie Gift Boxes" come with 4 options of Boxes to choose from: CLASSIC, BONES, TRADITIONAL, & HOLIDAYS! They are made with all organic human grade ingredients. We hand make, cut and roll out each and every tasty treat, then bake them to perfection insuring the best quality pet snacks. We are sure your fur babies will love them and keep coming back for more just like our little guys do! Beautifully Decorated Dog Treats in Orlando.... Best Pet Treats in Orlando

“CLASSIC“ Box - All the cookies we grew up with in one box... chocolate chip, oatmeal, & peanut butter! 

“BONES“ Box - Box Full of Tasty Bones! This box is full of a variety of bones... big, little, red, oatmeal, potato/cheese, and many more. 

“TRADITIONAL” Box - An Assormtment of all our favorites from all our boxes we offer... Classic, Bones, & Holiday! Try them all :)

”HOLIDAYS” Box - Always full of treats celebrating the holidays whatever it may be... Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the list goes on.

Each “Doggie Treat” Contains 5 or Less of the Following Ingredients:

INGREDIENTS: Chicken/ Beef/ Bacon,/Turkey, Honey, Peanut Butter, Milk, Eggs, Plain Greek Yogurt, Rolled Oats, Wheat, Rice... 

*May Include- Carob Chips 

*Iced Cookies may include confections.